The importance of the digital location

The advent of new technologies, especially the media 2.0 that allow access to global information immediately, and thanks to smartphones from anywhere, has led to a paradigm shift in the approach that companies and organizations must have on its customers and public objectives.

Globalization that allows internet in delivering products and services must translate into supply and the way in which this is offered in the different markets in which intends to introduce a company. It is not only important to make a translation of the contents to be used but that the adaptation to the idiosyncrasies of each region.

The ability to attract a customer goes beyond get reached. The engagement (one of the terms most used nowadays to speak of social networks) will be clearly influenced by the location of text and even images, the connotations of a White Dove may not be the same in different culture) for example).

Therefore, sinceĀ  translation certificate online we advocate always the good use of the location, especially in digital content by its global character.